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hungry man chicken burrito

i feel like i should be eating this if i didn’t have any teeth. everything is sort of mushy, especially the chicken. in fact, it’s hard to make out the chicken meat, which seems like it was processed through a blender. the burrito is alright. the beans are alright, though mushy. the dessert (“cocada pudding” tastes a lot like almond jello, which i don’t like, but that’s not the dessert’s fault. this gets a c-

hungry man boneless chicken stix

hungry man
there’s always something a bit nerve-wracking about eating artifically formed food (hello mcRib!). this was pretty darn good. the breading is seasoned and has a lot of flavor. the chicken is fairly tender. the fries were slightly crunchy instead of the usual soggy mess (i cooked it in the overn, not the microwave). this gets a b+