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ben & jerry’s s’mores ice cream

ben & jerry's s'mores ice cream

ben & jerry never fails to deliver. this ice cream is good, though it doesn’t *quite* taste like s’mores. the chocolate is rich and creamy, and i really like the crunchiness of the graham cracker bits. the fudge chunks are a nice touch. i could barely taste the marshmallows though. i could definitely see the white marshmallow swirls as i dug my way into the ice cream, and it mixes in well with the flavor, but it doesn’t really jump out at you. overall it’s great: a-

breyer’s oreo ice cream

oreo ice cream

pretty darn good. this tastes more like oreo the cookie than oreo the ice cream. that is, the “cream” part of it tastes a bit more like the cream in the oreo cookies than say “ice cream.” there’s also a lot more cookie in the mix than in other “cookies and cream” ice creams. the best cookies ‘n cream is still by hagen dazs but this is quite good. it gets a b.

dreyer’s loaded cookies ‘n cream ice cream

dreyer's loaded cookies 'n cream ice cream

the top of the carton clearly states “soft and creamy.” boy is that an understatement. if your idea of ice cream is something close to the texture of hard cottage cheese with dirt mixed in, and you just can’t get enough of oreos in your ice cream, this one’s for you! if you enjoy good ice cream though, you might wanna think twice. i hated the texture. the taste was just average. this gets a d.