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sioux city root beer

sioux city root beer
It seems more heavily carbonated than typical sodas so it really bites the front of your tongue. Then it slowly backs away and doesn’t linger. It’s neat. The strong, just barely herbal flavor is good, and mostly I enjoyed the effect of the sudden flavor that disappears quickly. An effervescent b.

waialua root beer

waialua root beerwaialua root beer
root beer…from hawaii!?

it’s very light, with a sharp kick at the end and an aftertaste of brown sugar (this root beer has (regular?) cane sugar and “maui natural white cane sugar”). i like it. after i finished the bottle, i also noticed a slight bitter taste that reminded me of chinese medicine. not sure i liked it but it was an interesting finish. …even now, about 10 mins later, i can still taste that chinese mediciney taste, except it’s more tempered by the cane sugar…i’m still not sure i like it, but it’s not a bad aftertaste to have. B