kimbo green onion pancake

green onion pancake
the first bite was good, but wasn’t too crazy about the texture on subsequent bites: it’s a bit too dense and doughy for this kind of pancake. not quite enough onions so overall it’s a bit on the bland side. not too bad though, and i’ll try it with egg later. cutie likes it a lot. i give it a “c”.

margaritaville jammin’ jerk shrimp

this is something new that i’m mostly doing for myself. my memory is getting really bad with “trivia”…things like whether or not something i ate was good, restaurant names, etc. so i’ve decided to rate random foodstuffs i buy at supermarkets.

first up…margaritaville jammin’ jerk shrimp! first impressions of the shrimp went from “wow, look at the size of those shrimp!” to “whoa…look at how much they shrunk!” but i guess that’s normal for shrimp. very tasty, if a bit too…salty. never had “jerk” anything before, so i can’t really judge how authentic it is. b+