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trader joe milk

trader joe\'s milk
Normally I have trouble telling one brand of milk apart from the next, but this one really stood out. It’s got a slightly sweeter than usual flavor and tastes a bit creamier than other milk brands. I really liked it. My favorite brand of milk so far! a

trader giotto’s spinach ricotta ravioli

trader giotto

i had these sizable ravioli with some bertolli’s pesto and they were quite good. the ravioli’s were very fresh tasting and cheesy. the spinach is mixed in with the ricotta so it doesn’t really stand out, but instead it almost shows up as an aftertaste. this gets a B+

trader giotto’s pizza margherita

trader giotto's pizza margherita

it’s got fresh mozzarella and basil. the cheese oozes over everything and is really mild and light. the tomato sauce is also very light. everything is light and not too heavy and it’s just darn good! you cut up the fresh basil and put it on the pizza after it comes out of the oven, which really makes the pizza smell good. this gets an A!

trader joe’s garlic naan

trader joe\'s garlic naan

yum! i love garlic naan! trader joe’s version is thicker and fluffier than the naan (naans?) i’ve had before, but it’s very good and very garlicky. all the other naan i’ve had in the past has been thinner and more hollow, but i could see this one being used for a good “wrap.” it gets an A.

trader ming’s pad thai

trader ming's pad thai
not quite sure how “trader joe” became “trader ming.” i guess that’s his “asian” alias. this pad thai is very skimpy on the quantity and very sour. maybe it’s authentic, maybe not. i’m not a pad thai lover enough to tell the difference. it’s quick and easy to prepare though. b-